Riptide News · Middle School Basketball Tryouts: November 7th

Basketball tryouts will be Saturday, November 7th at our school gym.

  • Tryouts are open to all scholars grades 6-8
  • Boys tryouts will begin at 11am and go to 12:30pm
  • Girls tryouts will begin at 12:45 and will run until 2pm
  • Every scholar MUST have an updated physical
  • If at all possible, please print and fill out the registration form along with a copy of his/her birth certificate
  • Scholars must have an average of at least a 70 in all class subject areas in order to be academically eligible. Please have your scholar fill out this google form in order for me to check grades.
  • There will be a fee to participate but it will determined by how many participants we have on the team.
  • Each team can only have 15 players max.
  • Teams will be divided among age groups based on participants.
  • CDC guidelines will be maintained at all times
  • Scholar-Athletes must be changed and ready to tryout when they arrive on campus
  • Scholars must bring their own water bottles and a mask